SFL Round 5 A Grade Men 2024

Upsets and Unstoppable Plays in the SFL A Grade!

G’day, footy fans! Round 5 of the 2024 SFL A Grade Men’s competition was nothing short of a ripper, packed with jaw-dropping shifts and some staggering surprises that have tipped the ladder on its head. It’s a turn of events that has the footy forums buzzing.

After a cracker of a round, the Flagstaff Hill Falcons have soared into second place, bumping Reynella down to third. Port Noarlunga’s impressive onslaught this round has them sitting pretty at the top spot, while the bottom of the ladder sees the usual suspects, with Morphett Vale copping another defeat.

Let’s dive into the thrills and spills of the SFL Round 5 Wrap Up A Grade Men 2024, shall we?

Flagstaff Hill A Grade Men vs. Reynella A Grade Men

The turf at Flagstaff Hill was the scene of an epic showdown where the local Falcons, reigning premiers, pulled off a sensational win over the ladder leaders, Reynella, with a final score of 76-63.

Reynella shot out of the gates like a roo in a bushfire, slamming a commanding lead at the end of the first quarter. It looked like a walkabout for Reynella early on! But hold your horses—Flagstaff wasn’t having a bar of it, clawing back in the second, making the home crowd beers taste a bit sweeter with the score at 45-34, Reynella still in front but feeling the heat!

Come the third, and it’s all guns blazing for Flagstaff. They were all over their opponents, overtaking Reynella to lead 56-51. The local crowd was up and roaring like a footy final!

The Falcons locked the match down in the final stretch, turning what started as a scare into a solid win.

This clash wasn’t just about points; it was history in the making, with David Kearsley, the Falcon’s warhorse, playing his 400th senior game. Though he didn’t snag any goals, his leadership on such a monumental day was a sight to behold.

Nathan Beenham was the standout for the Falcons, booting three crucial goals that kept the momentum rolling. Ethan Wildman and Blake Aldridge also chipped in with key goals, adding to the team’s tally and ensuring their win.

Reynella, despite their strong start and Callan Semple’s three-goal effort, couldn’t maintain their lead. Mitchell Scotland and Marc Borholm each added two goals, but it wasn’t enough to withstand the relentless Falcons.

This win is a massive morale boost for Flagstaff Hill, the reigning premiers, showing they’re still a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, Reynella faces their first defeat of the season, a reality check as they regroup for the next round. What a game—full of grit, glory, and a bit of good ol’ footy magic!

Noarlunga A Grade Men vs. Cove A Grade Men

Noarlunga just put the foot down, beating Cove with an 82-52 victory at home. The match was all about firepower, and the Shoes were firing on all cylinders. Jamie Grosser led the charge with a stunning 3-goal haul, proving he’s a force to be reckoned with. Callum Gaspari wasn’t far behind, chipping in with a couple of goals, helping to seal the deal for the Shoes.

On the other side, Cove, despite their best efforts, couldn’t keep up with the pace. Jayden Morton and Kyle Stoldt each managed to put 2 on the board, showing some fight, but it wasn’t enough to turn the tide.

This win not only boosts Noarlunga’s spirits but also nudges them up the ladder, keeping their finals hopes alive and kicking. The Cobras, on the other hand, will need to regroup and bounce back if they want to stay competitive this season. What a match it was—full of action and cracking goals.

Happy Valley A Grade Men vs. Ironbank A Grade Men

The Valley oval was abuzz as the Vikings put on a cracking show, overpowering the Ironbank Cherry Gardens with an 84-54 win. The Vikings, led by Josh Dwyer-Sterzl and Harry Davenport, who both bagged a trio of goals each, were just too hot to handle. They brought their A-game, piling on the pressure and breaking down the Cherry Gardens’ defence with some slick moves and sharp shooting.

Ironbank, trying to keep pace, saw Bradley Kreuger respond with three goals of his own, but the support just wasn’t there. Tom Smith did his best adding two more, but it wasn’t enough to stem the tide of Viking attacks.

This win was a crucial one for Happy Valley, giving them a much-needed boost in the standings, while Ironbank will need to regroup and reassess if they’re to bounce back from this setback. What a match it was—full of energy, strategy, and some top-notch footy!

Christies Beach A Grade Men vs. Aldinga A Grade Men

A good old beach brawl went down in Christies Beach, where the Saints took the Aldinga Sharks to school! It was a beaut of a match with the Saints cruising to a solid 68-44 victory on their home turf.

Christies Beach came out swinging, and it wasn’t just the sea breeze boosting their sails. Jace Daris was slick as, slotting 2 goals straight through the big sticks, while Michael Mazey and Mackenzie Nield each banged in a couple more, adding some serious pep to their steps.

Aldinga, though, wasn’t just there to make up the numbers. Ishmael Palmer, the sharpshooter of the Sharks, nailed 4 goals, almost single-handedly keeping the visitors in the hunt. Jayden Scott chipped in with a pair, but alas, it wasn’t enough to stem the tide set by the Saints.

By game’s end, Christies Beach had not only bagged the points but also sent a clear message—they’re here to make a surge up the ladder. Meanwhile, Aldinga’s gotta dig deep and find some form if they want to avoid being the league’s whipping boys. All in all, a cracking day for footy at the beach, with the Saints marching and the Sharks needing to find some more bite!

Port Noarlunga A Grade Men vs. Morphett Vale A Grade Men

Port Noarlunga put on a ripper of a show against Morphett Vale, beating them 90-66 on their own turf! It was a full-on goal fest with Clinton Calyun bagging a cheeky hat-trick and proving he’s the big kahuna, while Jayden Green slotted two beauties to keep the scoreboard ticking.

Morphett Vale, bless ’em, weren’t just making up the numbers, though. Thaddeus Puautjimi and Jake Dorshorst both knocked in a couple each, showing a bit of guts despite the loss. They’re still stuck at the bottom of the ladder, but with sparks like that, there’s hope for a shake-up.

Port Noarlunga’s footy was slicker than a greased pig at a country fair, and they’re sitting pretty on top – big cheers to the lads! Let’s see if they can keep the footy magic rolling or if they’ll drop the ball. Stay tuned, SFL footy fans!

SFL Round 5 Wrap Up A Grade Men 2024

That’s it for the SFL Round 5 Wrap Up A Grade Men 2024. Round 5 has set the stage for a thrilling mid-season, with teams battling to define their destinies. From stunning comebacks to dominant displays, this round had it all. As the dust settles, teams are gearing up for the next challenges, and if one thing’s certain, it’s that the SFL A Grade Men’s competition is wide open!

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