SFL Pilmore Cup 2023

SFL Pilmore Cup 2023 Goal Fest at Strathalbyn!

Strap in, mates, ’cause Strathalbyn just turned up the heat with a cracker of a SFL Pilmore Cup 2023 match that had everything—thrills, spills, and a fair dinkum comeback! The Great Southern Football League lads flipped the script after a goalless first quarter, rallying to clout the Southern Football League (SFL) Senior Men with a sizzling 92-75 victory.

The game fired up with our SFL blokes setting the pace, snagging 16 points while GSFL were still finding their boots—no goals in the first term!

But hold onto your hats, ’cause the second quarter of the SFL Plimore Cup 2023 was a blinder. GSFL came out full throttle, banging in six goals and holding SFL to just a lonely one. What a banger of a term, putting GSFL up 45-26 at the orange break!

The third term was a tight tussle, a real arm wrestle, with both sides booting three goals each. GSFL’s lads kept the lead, but you could feel the tension. SFL had their chances, right? But crikey, their kicking was as crooked as a politician’s smile during an election year, missing shots that could’ve tightened the screws.

The final showdown was a belter with both teams going hammer and tong, booting four goals each. GSFL held their nerve, but SFL’s shooters, including the sharpshootin’ Jack Flett and the gutsy James Conlon, gave it a red-hot go. Still, all those missed chances earlier came back to bite the SFL hard.

The ground was buzzing, the crowd was roaring like a Friday night at the pub, and by the time the siren wailed, GSFL had staged one of the most bonza comebacks you’d ever see. Jayden Scott from GSFL was a deadset hero, snagging key goals that really turned the tide.

So there you have it—the SFL Pilmore Cup 2023 match had more twists than a croc wrestling contest. GSFL lads, take a bow for that rip-snorter of a win! And SFL, tough luck, mates—next year, aim straight, and maybe, just maybe, we will snag that cup back.

Final Yarn: Footy, beers, and cheers—what a day! Here’s to footy’s wild rides and the lads who make it all worth watching. Till next year, keep those boots muddy and those beers cold! Cheers to a match that’ll be yarned about for ages!

Published On: June 12, 2023Views: 75