SFL A Grade Men Round 4 2024

G’day footy fans! Buckle up as we dive into the SFL A Grade Men Round 4 2024.

It was an absolute cracker of a round, with teams battlin’ it out for glory, guts, and the right to brag at the local.

This round wasn’t just a contest; it was a full-blown spectacle with some standout players turning the turf into their personal stage.

So let’s tuck into the meat pie of this week’s action and see who kicked what and how the teams are stacking up after the SFL A Grade Men Round 4 2024.

Ironbank vs. Port Noarlunga

In a game that could’ve been mistaken for a shootout at the O.K. Corral, Port Noarlunga A Grade Men came out guns blazing, racking up a whopping 199 points in a total demolition job on the local boys from Ironbank.

Cockledivers Gary Karpany was the man of the hour, booting an impressive 6 goals, while former GWS Saints Zachary Sproule bagged himself 5 goals.


Ironbank A Grade Men2539499214892
Port Noarlunga A Grade Men751211641993019199

The Ironbank lads put up a decent fight, scoring 92 points, but let’s face it—they were more outgunned than a kangaroo in a knife fight. Port Noarlunga’s win was convincing and would have been even higher if not for some errant kicking (19 behinds), leaving the Ironbank crowd a bit more silent than usual.

The result leaves Port Noarlunga sitting pretty at 2nd on the ladder, while Ironbank holds 5th position.

Aldinga vs. Cove

Down at Aldinga, it was a tight tussle that had the spectators spilling their snag sizzles. Aldinga A Grade Men scraped through with a win over Cove, 78 to 75. This nail-biter had all the drama of a season finale of “Neighbours,” with both teams going hammer and tong until the final siren.


Aldinga A Grade Men735547812678
Cove A Grade Men4058747511975

Aldinga’s Jayden Scott was a sight to behold, snagging 7 goals in a crucial performance that saw Aldinga claw back from a halftime deficit. Cove wasn’t far behind, but missed opportunities (9 behinds) could have swung the result their way.

Aldinga’s lads were just a smidge better on the day, and their first win of the season nudges them towards a mid-table position while the Cobras are grappling for a place in the playoff finals.

Christies Beach vs. Reynella

Over at Christies Beach, Reynella Wineflies buzzed into town and flew away with a win against the Christies Beach Saints, 65 to 43. The Saints fought hard, but the Wineflies were swarming all over ’em like flies at a barbie.


Christies Beach A Grade Men122736436743
Reynella A Grade Men2127446591165

Reynella turned the screws in the second half, really showing their muscle and finishing strong to leave the Saints in the dust. A true display of how to close out a game with style.

Bradley Potter starred with 4 goals and was everywhere on the ground, and Reynella’s form looked as sharp as a sheila in a sundress, proving once again why they’re tough to beat when they get their game on and keeps them flying high at the top of the ladder.

Happy Valley vs. Flagstaff Hill

At Happy Valley, the Flagstaff Hill Falcons soared high and swooped on the Vikings, grabbing a decisive 78 to 26 win.

Flagstaff Hill’s Sam “Golden Boot” Smith was the standout, racking up 5 goals in a dominant display that saw the Falcons pull away significantly after halftime.


Happy Valley A Grade Men141719263826
Flagstaff Hill A Grade Men15285878111278

In the later stages of the match, the Vikings seemed about as effective as a one-legged man in a bum-kicking contest, struggling to keep up with the high-flying Falcons. Flagstaff’s dominance was clear, leaving the Valley boys to ponder what might have been.

The Falcons maintain their position near the top, while Happy Valley languishes in the bottom at 8th.

Morphett Vale vs. Noarlunga

Finally, at Morphett Vale, the Emus had a rough day at the office against the Noarlunga Shoes, who stepped up their game and walked away with a 71 to 55 win.

Noarlunga’s Victor Robertson and Jamie Grosser were the match-winners, each booting 4 goals in a tight contest. Morphett Vale’s Blake Carter put up a respectable 5 goals, but it wasn’t enough to sway the result.


Morphett Vale A Grade Men81623558755
Noarlunga A Grade Men1231507111571

It was a gritty match, with both sides giving as good as they got, but Noarlunga had just a bit more polish, shining brighter than a new penny when it counted.

Noarlunga climbs to a solid 6th place, with Morphett Vale firmly rooted in last place!

SFL A Grade Men Round 4 2024 Wrap-up

The Southern Football League (SFL) A Grade Men Round 4 2024 was as full of action as a kangaroo with a caffeine buzz. From high-scoring onslaughts to tight, nail-biting finishes, this round had it all.

Port Noarlunga’s monumental score, Flagstaff Hill’s aerial supremacy, and the close scraps at Aldinga and Christies Beach kept us all on the edge of our seats.

Port Noarlunga and Reynella are setting the pace at the top, showing the rest of the league how it’s done. Meanwhile, Morphett Vale needs to find some form fast if they’re to escape the wooden spoon debate.

So that’s it for this week, mates! Round 4 was a belter, and if you missed it, well, you missed out! Catch ya next week for more thumpin’, bumpin’, and footy triumphs in the mighty SFL A Grade Men’s comp. Crack open a cold one, and toast to the players who make our weekends a fair dinkum delight. Cheers, and keep those footy fires burnin’

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