A Grade Men Qualifying Final 2023:

Noarlunga vs. Reynella, A Battle for the Ages!

Noarlunga and Reynella have been locking horns in the finals for years, and their matchups have been as close as a sardine can! Here’s a recap:

2011 Qualifying Final: Reynella just managed to outscore Noarlunga with an 81-79 win. Talk about a nail-biter!

2014 Grand Final: Revenge was sweet for Noarlunga in the 2014 Grand Final, eking out a 67-63 win. Take that, Reynella!

2016 Semi-Final: Noarlunga turned the tables big time in the 2016 Semi-Final, blasting Reynella 93-54. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt!

2018 Preliminary Final: Reynella bounced back in 2018, showing Noarlunga who’s boss with a 78-55 win.

As you can see, these two have a rich history of fierce finals matchups. Each game has been unpredictable, and it’s clear that when these two teams meet in the finals, all bets are off!

The Qualifying Quake!


Noarlunga A Grade Men30427077111177
Reynella A Grade Men62747578957

The Numbers Tell The Story:

Noarlunga: They came out swingin’, notching up 30 points in the first quarter. Consistency was key, as they finished strong with 77 points. The tally reads 11 goals and 11 behinds for the team.

Reynella: A sluggish start with just 6 points in the first quarter, but they tried to catch up, ending with 57 points. They scored 8 goals and 9 behinds.

The Goal-Scoring Machines:

For Noarlunga: Sam Beard and Jamison Snelling put one through the big sticks. Other contributors like Victor Robertson and Jake Anderson each chipped in with a goal as well. A real team effort!

For Reynella: Tyler Davies, James Papworth, and Callan Semple each kicked a goal. Bailey Marshman and Bradley Potter showed their class, each bagging 2 goals.

The Verdict:

Noarlunga took control right from the first quarter, and they never looked back. Reynella tried to play catch-up but couldn’t close the gap. Considering Noarlunga’s stronger position in the league standings, this result wasn’t a huge shocker, but Reynella gave ’em a good run for their money!

A Grade Men Elimination Final 2023:

When Morphett Vale “Eliminated” Happy Valley’s Hopes

Well, well, well, if it wasn’t one of the oldest rivalries in the SFL A-Grade Men’s finals! Happy Valley and Morphett Vale have had their fair share of finals clashes, and it’s been more one-sided than a kangaroo on a pogo stick. Let’s have a squiz:

2011 Semi-Final: Morphett Vale put the “eliminate” in “semi-final” with a whopping 100-38 scoreline against Happy Valley. That’s a paddlin’!

2014 Semi-Final: Again, Morphett Vale showed no mercy, besting Happy Valley 60-47. Seems like Semi-Finals are Morphett Vale’s playground.

2021 Semi-Final: Deja vu? Morphett Vale did it again, this time with an 80-59 win. Happy Valley just couldn’t find the formula.

2022 Elimination Final: Last year, it was the same old song and dance. Morphett Vale steamrolled Happy Valley with a commanding 113-71 win.

Crickey! If you’re a Happy Valley fan, you might wanna look away. But if you’re barracking for Morphett Vale, you’re probably having a ripper of a time!

The Elimination Eruption!


Happy Valley A Grade Men1124465371153
Morphett Vale A Grade Men130436491064

The Stats Speak:

Happy Valley: They started the first quarter with a bang! But from there, it was a downhill ride, ending with 53 total points. They scored 7 goals and 11 behinds.

Morphett Vale: Started slow, with just 1 point in the first quarter. However, they turned on the jets, ending up with a total of 64 points. They bagged 9 goals and 10 behinds.

The Sharpshooters:

For Happy Valley: Nathan May, Cody Cox, and Corey Grocock each chipped in with a goal. Liam Hamilton and Harry Davenport doubled up, each scoring 2 goals.

For Morphett Vale: Brian Gill and Connor Mulloy contributed a goal each. Khori Mills-Richardson scored a couple, and Blake Carter was the star, bagging a whopping 5 goals!

The Verdict:

Morphett Vale started slow but picked up the pace, especially in the second quarter. They continued the momentum to eventually win the game. Happy Valley, despite a strong start, couldn’t maintain their pace and fell short.

The Siren Sounds: Wrapping Up the A Grade Men’s 2023 Finals Round 1 Frenzy!

So there you have it, footy fanatics! The Qualifying Final 2023 and the Elimination Final 2023 of the Southern Football League (SFL) A Grade Men Finals Round 1 gave us more thrills than a rollercoaster at Dreamworld.

Noarlunga has proven why they’re a force to be reckoned with, besting Reynella in a battle that had everyone on the edge of their seats. They’ll be marching on, dreaming of that coveted Premier title.

As for Reynella, it’s back to the drawing board. They put up a good fight but came up short. They’ve got another crack in the Semi-Final next week, and you can bet they’ll be hungrier than a croc in a billabong!

Morphett Vale, the dark horse, pulled off an upset against Happy Valley that had us all gobsmacked. They’re not ready to hang up their boots just yet and will be aiming to continue their Cinderella run in the finals series.

Happy Valley, well, the valley ain’t so happy after this one. It’s time for some soul-searching and perhaps a few cold ones to drown the sorrows. But as we all know, in footy, redemption is just a season away.

So grab a snag, crack open a coldie, and brace yourselves. The Southern Football League (SFL) finals series is far from over, and if these games were any indication, we’re in for a rip-snorter of a finish!

Till the next bounce, keep the footy spirit high and the banter even higher! 🏉

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